CCTV Security Systems for Your Home or Business

Dahua and MY-I CCTV Systems

Have you had a home or business security related incident with no evidence? Or do you simply want peace of mind while you are home or away? CCTV enhances your security and provides video footage that provides information if an incident occurs.

Gippsland Locksmiths offer a wide range of packages at affordable prices to suit all CCTV needs. These security systems are simple to use and allow you to view footage from your home or mobile device.

Our team can customise a package to suit your needs and budget and provide advice about the best solution for your requirements.


Camera systems are now an absolute must for your home and business, providing a simple way to watch over your family and commercial or residential property.  Our state of the art and affordable Dahua CCTV systems have solutions for any type of home and all business needs.

Dahua is the second largest CCTV manufacturer in the world and commonly used for commercial grade installations. Smart Motion Detection means that the system has the ability to filter out non-human activity like leaves and cats. This means it can trigger real time alerts when humans or vehicles come onto your property with approximately 90% accuracy. Their Ultra HD NVR Security System has brilliant motion sensing technology and IR night vision and works with your Google Assistant.

Have a large property? No worries, these cameras offer the largest viewing angle for much more coverage of a single area. Plus they have one of the longest distance night visions available.

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Watch the video to see some examples of the DAHUA CCTV system footage.

MY-I Wireless Camera CCTV Systems

This product is a low-power smart battery camera, the battery in the camera sits in the dormant state when not being used. When the camera senses that someone is passing near it, it will wake the camera up and start recording, or you can actively wake up the camera remotely via the APP. The recording time is 10-20 seconds, which can be set up through the mobile APP.

Photo of a white CCTV camera on a white background
Photo of a white CCTV camera on a white background

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